Keyword research mastering: Do your business’ keywords worth something now?

When making keyword research we need to take into consideration different sources for the analysis. One of them is your business’ keywords for your products and services. It’s a good start.

Using Business keywords

Let’s be honest, nobody knows the business more than its owner or creator. And while this may be true from many points of view, the good business owner will always listen to his audience. However, traditionally, businesses and the advertising carried out by and for them, indicated the words to be employed by the users, this can be helpful in our search for keywords, using those that our advertising or similar products have exploited to determine how our product is known or found.

Advertising has forged the words used by the market, it is worth seeing past year’s Pepsi Christmas campaign that took into consideration its audience’s tik-toks and named the mixture of milk with Pepsi “Pilk”. This could become a new word forged by advertising but listening to the audience, in this way the brand is in charge of channeling what people say, but they are the ones who retake control by naming it, this shapes the conversations from now on of the subject because people who have not seen the tik-toks, but have seen the advertising, immediately attribute the word that defines the trendy product to the Pepsi brand.

Business keywords in different countries mean different things

In Latin American countries, for example, a variety of words are used for “Jacket”, in Panama they will say “Abrigo”, in Argentina “Campera” and Venezuela “Chaqueta”. The local producer must know what are the words that define their product, therefore those are the ones that should be in the first place in our list of potential keywords, that will be used in the content of the blog, in social networks, guest post content, sponsored content, etc.

Just like in the English language, one word for an Australian business can be very different from another in the UK, or Canada. In the same way, there are differences between Spain, Colombia, and Chile, the ways of speaking are increasingly different, and every day new words are generated to indicate the same thing for which a word already existed. That is why businesses should always be alert to them.

For companies that are not Spanish-speaking, an advisor will always be important to determine the words that a market uses, because one can have a different meaning in each country, and different also can mean offensive.

Businesses’ words can be very accurate for our research, however, they should not be the only source for it, we must look for those used by our audience, those used by the competition, those recommended by search engines, trends, etc. We can achieve all this through public and private SEO tools, we will talk about them in future postings.

Sources from which to take the keywords of our business

You may think that the words that you use in your business are appropriate for an online content strategy, but if you think that it depends more on the audience, then you can make the mistake of thinking that the words that our businesses use to describe our products are useless. We can show you that it is not. When we do keyword research, one of the sources we recommend using is your own words. As we said before, no one knows or should know your business more than you. Word sources ideas can be acquired from:

  • Distributors of the product or service.
  • Suppliers.
  • Marketing team.
  • Company directors.
  • External consultants.

We take those keywords and add them to our preferred tool, in our case we explain in How to make your keyword research: Metrics how to use Ahrefs to determine what other keywords are in the market.

Precisely, part of the words that we should add there are those that we use regularly in our business. The tools take those words and make recommendations for what else to use. However, there are other keywords we need to add to the mix, those used by competitors and users.

We will talk about them in the following article.

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