Powerful Actions To Consider Before Flirting With Sponsored Posts

The best Content Marketing strategy for startups is to, before paying for advertising or sponsored posts, effectively execute the free stages of marketing. That is:

  1. The construction of a social mass on the internet and the generation of organic traffic to the website.
  2. Next, you need to get media coverage alongside reviews of your brand on major platforms.

Also, the success of the points in the previous paragraph largely depends on handling issues related to the use of keywords. Among those concepts are local SEO and content marketing (if the target audience speaks this language). These steps work for every language by the way.

Steps to be followed by startups or emerging companies

As said previously: before buying sponsored posts you should complete different tasks related to increasing your audience, and the best way to do it is the free one.

Using paid content on social media to create interest

The interest in a brand depends on its ability to engage in social networks and the Internet in general. In turn, the attention generated by a publication is usually proportional to the aesthetic level and the quality (utility) of the audiovisual messages. In this sense, an HD video with valuable information for the user is a highly recommended type of content.

Invest in paid search

The purpose of this strategy is to satisfy the demand from both parts (top and bottom) of the search engine funnel. Therefore, the objective is to have the first result for questions with purchase intention and purely informative questions. For example:

  • “Psychological attention service”, (question with purchase intention);
  • “Why is it important to have a trustworthy psychologist”, (informative intent).

How effective is the use of paid search?

In this regard, the Google Ads statistics reflect the following data:

  • For every dollar invested there is an average return on investment of two dollars;
  • The CTR (average click-through rate) increases to 7.94% when the ad is in the first position of the search engine;
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) stats show 79% profitability for marketers;
  • PPC makes it possible to increase the diffusion of a brand by up to 80%;
  • 65% of the clicks registered in Google Ads correspond to pages that follow SEO parameters in Spanish (when the site is Spanish-speaking);
  • The first three sponsored ads take 41% of total Google search clicks;
  • 32% of brands use PPC publications to promote their products instead of promoting the company.

Ensure presence in specific forums

This step allows you to start conversations around the startup's brand in spaces where many potential clients seek information. In addition, this strategy allows you to identify potential sales opportunities while improving the company's public relations.

Complementary steps to make before the placement of sponsored posts

  • Become a key sponsor of major commercial events (both physical and online);
  • Form a team of business partners to promote joint marketing planning;
  • Organize events.

The use of sponsored posts can be beneficial to enlarge the audience of the startup's product or service, however, it is necessary to take into account the rules that Google imposes in this regard, the sponsored content must follow them, and there is the risk that, if not be done accordingly, penalties are received. For more information, contact us.

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