A Linkbuilding Strategy To Make Google Love You And Your Content

setting a linkbuilding strategy

Discover how to make your linkbuilding strategy, the single most challenging search engine optimization action that you need to carry out successfully. It is also one of the oldest off-page content marketing techniques used. Which means that it has been under the eye of Google for a long time.

This longevity, unfortunately, has led to linkbuilding on the Internet being involved in actions that violate search engine quality standards. That is, the Google algorithm does not rate it as something positive, quite the opposite. The magnitude of its disapproval of Linkbuilding is such that it has reached the point of penalizing its use.

Linkbuilding: the black sheep of SEO

Contrary to what many people think, Linkbuilding is one of the few SEO techniques that is taken into account by web hosts. Its popularity has transcended over time thanks to the fact that it has proven to be effective in the short term.

For the Google algorithm, Linkbuilding is not exactly a bad thing. But, you have to know how to run it so that it doesn’t break the rules of the famous search engine. Over the years, this search engine has become very sensitive to actions that deteriorate the quality of the content, since its main objective is to provide the best user experience.

That is why its PageRank is ordered according to the authority and relevance of the websites, to satisfy the needs of Internet users and provide answers to their questions. Therefore, the inappropriate use of Linkbuilding strategies can arouse the wrath of Google.

Such is the case with link building which leads to spam. These are ghost sites with advertising content with unknown origins. These annoyingly interfere with a user’s browsing.

Different ways to do Linkbuilding

As usual in SEO strategies, Linkbuilding is not exclusively about a single web positioning technique. It is rather a branch from which different ways of building links through third parties are broken down. Here are the three most common forms of link building seen on the web:

Black Hat Link building

This is a strategy that tries to trick the search engine algorithm to buy time to generate millions of visits in a very short time. It is characterized by the exchange of links between the same network of blogs, massive spam in comments, the buying, and selling of links, and the use of gadgets to build links, among others. It should be noted that these types of practices are always discovered and severely penalized.

White Hat Linkbuilding Strategy

This is the counterpart of the aforementioned strategy. With it, it seeks to gain positioning by following the ethical standards of search engines, yes, Google gives us a hint with these rules. It is characterized by generating organic traffic and building links that come from organized and reputable sites. Although it is the safest way to carry out Linkbuilding, it usually takes time to give results and that is when the previous technique begins to seem attractive.

Link Baiting

Linkbaiting is a link building strategy in which you do not depend precisely on a third party, but rather on yourself. To execute it, all you have to do is create valuable and quality content, good enough for the algorithm to position it among the first organic results. This way, other people will mention you without asking for it. With this, more traffic is sent to your website. The master formula —and the most recommended for Linkbuilding— is to do it indirectly.

Do Linkbuilding and not die trying

As you can see, Linkbuilding can take you to the top of Google, but it can also sink you among its millions of results —that no one gets to see—. So, it is something like a double-edged sword, it is possible to win and lose with it, and it is all a matter of knowing how to use it. Here is a basic guide to link building and not dying trying:

More natural and less forced links

When you execute a Linkbuilding strategy with a third party, try to get that other person to publish content that is related to yours. It’s no use having a link to a Site that talks about auto parts when yours is about fashion. It has nothing to do with each other. In addition, it is easy for the algorithm to deduce that it has been an agreement -probably paid- between webmasters.

Anchor text and keywords

The algorithm does not respond well to links linked to texts that include your keywords. When a third party builds a link to your website naturally, it is unrealistic for them to choose keywords as anchors or include them in the rest of the content. It may be enough to use the URL or the name of the web page.

Original and viral content

There is nothing more effective for a Linkbuilding strategy than original content, fresh from the oven. Plagiarism not only brings legal consequences but is also abhorred by Google. Now, if there is something that can further catapult new and quality content, it is viralization. When something on the web goes viral, like news, it means that it is shared by many people, which generates natural links from third parties.

Comment and gain organic traffic

Going to an authoritative web page, with a theme associated with yours, and leaving an organic comment is not considered spam. It is a simple, free and safe way to generate a link to your website. However, it should be done sporadically and spontaneously so it doesn’t seem premeditated.

Social networks and other platforms

Linkbuilding is practiced off-page. That is, anywhere outside of our website, that includes social media. It is possible to create direct links from Instagram and Facebook profiles to our virtual space on the internet. Thus generating organic traffic, visits, leads, clicks, and more.

Buy quality and not quantity

Yes, paid links are an option to consider. If we wait to be taken into account only for natural work, it can take years. To stay afloat on the internet, a site has to grow, not overnight, but constantly. Now, no one wants to get blacklisted by Google for paying for a link. That is why this exercise has its tricks.

It is important to carry out a manual search of the Web by which we wish to be mentioned. Said web page must have an excellent reputation and, of course, a good position in PageRank. Lastly, avoid paying for massive link packs. If the algorithm detects a repetitive pattern it is possible to be caught: more quality and less quantity. See more in the next video from minute 11:

What is the best Linkbuilding Strategy?

There is no Linkbuilding manual to follow, there is no such thing. Just as there are no bad strategies, there are only strategies. Of course, some give good results and others not so much, depending on how they are applied. Being successful with this SEO strategy requires cunning and experience to use all available resources without triggering serious consequences. If you want to know more or know what strategies to use in your business, contact us.

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